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Break-Fix (Managed/Hourly)

Every modern business that utilizes computer systems are faced with computer issues. From Viruses and Ransomware to networking issues, something is bound to happen to your computers and servers. In anticipation of that, technology professionals at Secured Legal Data are prepared to mitigate and resolve all issues your company faces over time.

We operate with a better approach, proven professionals, and faster issue resolution. We also offer more flexible rate options, depending on your business model and needs. You, the business owner knows what's the best approach for your company, and we give you the options to make that choice.

Managed Services for Break-Fix
With our managed services option, you can choose from either complete managed services (We lock down, update and fix all Client PC's) or a hybrid managed service model (We simply fix your PC issues).

The Complete Managed Service option offers a complete hands off approach for your company. Never worry about latest patches, updates, viruses, malware, compliance, policy or general management of client devices within your networked infrastructure. We make sure your client devices remain on the same update schedule, trouble free and always functioning. SLA options also affect the pricing on this model.

The Hybrid Managed Service Model option offers a Hands-On approach for your company. If you already have basic IT support, we can offer advanced support for your Client Devices as well as servers. Any ad-hoc services you require will be billed on an agreed rate.

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