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Data Backups

All business data is important. Even if only for historical purposes, all sorts of power is embedded in storage systems. This is why hackers, and malicious actors are always on the hunt to see which business system they can get into. Sometimes data is simply stolen, and sometimes it's held hostage. The destruction of data is a rare thing, but not impossible or non-existent.

For this reason, Secured Legal Data offers a truly "Iron-Clad" data backup solution for companies with sensitive data. We offer both an Online solution, as well as an offline/offsite data storage option in a secured facility.

Our online solution is NOT a 24/7 access option. We lock down all connections to all data once retained. Access to specific data must be requested by an official, and once processed, we setup specific access to your data for a specific period of time for retrieval. After this time period has elapsed, that connection is revoked once more and all connections taken offline.

With no physical connection to your data, no breach is possible. This is our methodology.

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