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Network Security Analysis

An independent Network Security Analysis is an isolated test of a company's network. This encompasses the scan and testing of the network's security, resiliance, patch status and whether there are any current vulnerabilities within it's firmware.

Having a firewall is not enough. Having a server is not enough. And leaving these devices unmanaged is definitely not a good idea. Almost every week, there's a new security flaw found in many devices, software and appliances. If you own a small business, or in charge of the network or data, you need to make sure your devices are up to date and not a vantage point for hackers.

One large mistake of small businesses is thinking that hackers mostly target larger businesses. This is simply a myth and very far from the truth. Small businesses are actually more likely to be hacked, because hackers know that proper strategies to protect the network are missing in most cases. If hacked, some small businesses never find out they're hacked, especially if their internet connection and computers are used as a proxy to larger attacks.

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