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Systems Security Analysis

Data Protection is such a hot topic these days. Small, Medium and Large companies are taking many extra steps to ensure they do not suffer from a data breach, ransomware, or computer systems compromise.

The threat of hackers and other malicious content providers are plaguing the internet, data systems and even databases more than ever before. Attacks are coming from all vectors possible on technology front, as well as physical and social infrastructures.

We perform a Thorough "Systems Security Analysis" and deliver a comprehensive report you can review and decide the best approach moving forward for your organization. Though not all recommendations need to be followed, it is generally recommended that the critical systems are 100% protected as best as possible.

A Systems Security Analysis is a series of several checklisted items, tests and attempts to measure the likelihood of one or more systems being breached by an unauthorized external person, computer or code. The steps and methodology is often based on an extensive checklist, note taking, a security system used for network intrustion testing, as well as questions to staff and senior personnel.

Once complete, the report is delivered. Senior management can either hire us to perform the necessary fixes needed, or a third party company can also be hired to do the same. Often times, an internal company resource in Medium Sized businesses can perform the required tasks outlined in the final report.

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