Canon iR-ADV Printer – Gmail Scan To Email Authentication Failed: Solved

There have been many printers that simply stopped sending emails. Especially those printers no longer under support by manufacturers and dealers. IT Departments and support techs from vendors keep scratching their heads on a possible solution. Many even suggest getting a different email provider to resolve the issue. If you’re a small shop, and use gmail, here’s the fix to your authentication failed issue.

Go to this web address: and click on the <– arrow.

Click “App Passwords” under the “Signing in to google” options

You may need to re-verify your account to proceed.

Select a new app category from the list:


Select the type of device this app password will be used for.


Give the app password a name and hit the Generate Button

Write down the new password your app will use to login.

Use your email address as normal, but use your new app password in the password field. Save your settings and test your printer’s scan to email function and it should work normally.

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