Why Secured Legal Data to protect your Network and Data?

We’ve identified key security components within systems that provide a more secure infrastructure than even that of your expensive firewalls and Sandbox Hardware (Like FireEye, Baracuda, etc). Instead of protecting your network from the outside, we lock down internal components and restrict access in a reverse manner.

With our segregated data methodology, we separate all client data in separate partitioned drives. Strict security surrounds your data. You also get a shared secure space for document exchange and public access if you so choose. No more Dropbox, Google Drive and other “Cloud” platform, readily searchable by anyone with access.

We do all this so that even a single compromised account will not affect any other tenant. Attacks can only affect a single tenant, if unauthorized access was ever an issue.

Lastly, we restrict access to your own environment. No one can access your data unless they are at your physical location! Imagine this level of protection even on your own network!

Popular Services

Whether you’re familiar with technology or have no clue where to start, we can help you achieve your security goals. Here are just a few areas of expertise and service we offer:

    • Break Fix (Managed or Hourly)
    • Business Process Analysis
    • Computer Security Analysis
    • Data Backups
    • Data Security Auditing and Analysis
    • Firewall Configuration
    • Imaging Solutions (Desktops and Servers)
    • IT Managed Services (Desktops and Servers)
    • Network Security Analysis
    • Process Automation (Scripts and Implementation)
    • Routine Maintenance (Desktops and Servers)
    • Security Maintenance (Desktops and Servers)
    • Server Security Implementation
    • Server Upgrades and Optimization
    • Windows/Linux Server Builds
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How Do I Get Started?

All projects are assessed and starts with a discovery process. We speak with you and schedule an initial assessment of your business processes, systems and current security implementations. We then provide an initial feedback, score and areas that are not only vulnerable, but critical to your business.

We encourage clients to review all documentation and risks with a technical team if one is available. From this list, you can choose to dive into a full security solution, or choose the areas in which you are most concerned and proceed with a technical solution.
Don’t have the internal technical skills necessary to implement our recommendations? No problem! We provide a complete solution from analysis to implementation. We will assign a project schedule that works for your specific business.

What about Managed Services?

We’re all about ongoing support. From desktops and laptops to servers, we provide solutions to meet your business and security needs. From routine maintenance to complete management of your hardware and software within your organization. Choose a single customized solution or à la carte.

  • Break Fix (Managed or Hourly)
  • Scheduled Data Backups
  • Monthly or Quarterly Data Security Auditing and Analysis
  • Monthly Imaging Backup Solutions (Desktops and/or Servers)
  • Network Security Monitoring
  • Monthly Routine Maintenance (Desktops and Servers)
  • Monthly Security Maintenance (Desktops and Servers)

Don’t have your own servers? We provide hosted solutions for your data and server needs. From file hosting to archiving and offline backups.

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