A project timeline is a visual list of tasks or activities organized by date that allows project managers to see the entire project in one place. A project timeline is usually shown by a horizontal bar chart, with each task assigned a name and a start and end date. A project timeline gives you a detailed perspective of the entire project from beginning to end. You can observe when a work begins and finishes, as well as whether it is dependent on another activity.

Project Introduction

The project introduction or brief describes the project, it’s intention and it’s expected outcome. Without these questions, answers and detail, no project can reasonably expect success.

Here are some questions you should address in your brief:

  1. What are the project’s objectives, both internally and externally?
  2. Who are the project’s internal and external stakeholders? What are their responsibilities?
  3. What is the project’s estimated completion date?
  4. What are the project’s major milestones?

Milestone One

Milestone One is the first stage of actionable items on a project timeline. These steps initiate the project’s foundation and often a dependent item for other people, teams or technology to be implemented. Once this item is completed, milestone two begins on the timeline.

Each milestone consists of it’s own individual action items to be completed.

Project Completion

Some projects are small and straight forward, while others require complex planning and execution in stages beyond the norm. Regardless of the project scope and size, we can help.

Once all action items and milestones are completed on the timeline, including implementation of any pending technologies, the project moves to completion. This is where the company signs off on the project’s completion, denoting success of all initiatives. Success may also be partial and require a second, smaller project to complete some tasks, or a revision of some action items may be documented and completed in order to gain approval.

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Our most popular projects include:

 – Office 365 Integration 
 – Microsoft Exchange Engineering/Adminstration
 – Active Directory Management
 – Disaster Recovery (Planning, Implementation, Testing)
 – Network (Administration, Analysis, Implementation)
 – Security Analysis
 – Security Posture Hardening
 – Infrastructure Recovery (File, Server, Data, Machine, etc)
 – Remote Access Implementation (Zero Trust Framework)
 – Remote Data Access (Zero Trust Framework)

These are just a few! So be sure to ask if you have a specific need.